Friday, August 13, 2004

Dear Mr.Amardeep

Amardeep over at Amardeep Ka Blog points to a report by the Wash.Post on custodial deaths in India. I have posted a comment that makes clear what I think of that Page 3 rag "Times of India" and also about another gruesome incident - the lynching of Adikanta Daliya - A Dalit worker of the BJP - by the CPI-M thugs in West Bengal - that has gone unreported. There's plenty that happens in India that goes unreported for several reasons. One India is an under-reported subject within India and the world over. The English newspapers chiefly The Hindu are like banyan trees not letting anything grow underneath and largley determining what gets reported - with their ranks filled with members of the family. If one wants deep coverage one shd read the Indian language press. There's plenty of hard reporting from the streets and villages. As a rule English language journalists get their reportage from Indian language types as most of them cannot write in any Indian language.



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