Monday, August 16, 2004

More sloppiness from the Wash.Post

BTW this is the same Wash.Post that printed a poorly written press-release for Wendy Doniger by Shankar Vedantam. Doniger's ill-written and unlettered write-up on Hinduism for the Microsoft Encarta was replaced with an excellent write-up by Arvind Sharma. Vedantam coyly asked why Doniger thought her paper was dropped in favor of Sharma's. Vedantam and Doniger without batting an eyelid (I assume) said something about her name being Doniger (foreign) and the other man's name being Sharma (Indian and Hindu). Vedantam of course printed it with little thought. Now how many readers know that Arvind Sharma is a Professor of Religious Studies at McGill, Montreal; has a PhD from Harvard Divinity School and is a former IAS officer and is widely published and was the first Visiting Professor of Indic Studies at Harvard recently? So Doniger is dropped because she is not Indian. So then why is Karl Potter editing the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophy and why does Stephen Phillips at UT Austin command a great deal of respect for his work in Indian Philosophy?


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