Saturday, August 28, 2004

So near yet so far

Anju Bobby George gave her best - but it wasn't good enough. But our hearts are with you Anju. Yours has been a lone battle for glory. While the aam janata has been with you all the while the neta and babus have as usual have shafted you. Given that you started late and had to make the brave choice of a career in track and field knowing fully well that the GoI and a cricket crazed public don't give a damn you persisted. You persisted even after you found that the facilities the government afforded you were behind the times. Still you kept at it. You got to see Mike Powell toward the tail end of the performance arc and have done the best possible. The former Sports Minister Uma Bharati made a vain boast of India making a pitch to host the Olympics! The citizenry held their laughter in check as they didn't want to choke in their guffaws. Now Uma Bharati has discovered a new passion - the Tiranga - and is now a guest of the Karnataka government. Does she remember that it was once her duty as Minister of Sports to see that you and otehr athletes got the best that India could give you? Does she remember you now or has she already forgotten you? Thru all this the only person from the political establishment who has seen fit to remember our athletes is as always President Kalam. In his I-Day speech he remembered you and your fellow athletes and offered you our best wishes. Anju if you can come close to a souped up Marion Jones it's great work. Marion comes from the US athletic system an awesome machine that is geared towards excellence from the grade-school level.

There's more happy news of our making it to the finals of the womens 4x400 m relay. Good work! Keep it up ladies. For a cricket crazy nation that doesn't even bother i you win or lose you are giving everything and more. Let's hope that you are the nucleus around which a future mass of talent develops.


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