Saturday, August 21, 2004

Swarnavardhan Rathore?

Cheers to Raj Rathore for winning the what is by now surely the only medal for India at the 2004 Olympics. 1.3 billion people and one silver medal? We have tolerated this level of performance for so many years now that it has stopped to matter. Getting into any sport at a respectable level of technology and competition in India is a big-big problem. And the Indian Army with 1000s of marksmen couldcome up with only silver medallist? I am sure that there are great marksmen in the Army. May be they could train people up? And thenm what about other sports? Tennis? I had no hopes. Hockey - this team is out of steam and as always peaks 90 degrees out of phase from the Olympics. Poor talent pool, lousy promotions and sponsorship inside India and an apathetic sporting community. I am not disappointed with Sachin for his Ferrari swindle only. The guy never opens his gob about other sports. He is an excellent athlete and would probably do well at any ball game as Gavaskar and Kapil have proven themselves to be (As did the great Vinoo Mankad).


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