Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Thank you Congressman Pallone

If any parliamentarian/politician has even a thuLi aLavu of sudu, soraNai, vekkam-maanam he/she should hang their heads in shame. A politician has no responsibility save the welfare of the constituents. Congressman Pallone deserves praise for having used every opportunity available to highlight the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits. Indian politicians across parties deserve condemnation for having ignored the Pandits at every turn. Their only fault? They are not even half-a-million. You see that's not a very big vote bank. The real tragedy of the Pandits is the silent ostracisation and marginalisation over the last fifty years. From a peak when they formed over 20% of the population of the Valley at the turn of India's Independence, their share of the population (in percent) went down to single digits by the time the latest troubles started. Abdul Kalam in a first of sorts visited a Pandit refugee camp in the first year of his Presidency. Maybe it takes a true multiculturalist like him to recognise that misery is misery regardless of whom it chooses to inflict itself upon..

I am reminded of Congressman Gary Ackerman who when the Taliban in their heyday decreed that all Hindus in Afghanistan should wear yellow armbands (like the Nazis made the Jews wear a Yellow Star of David), himself went around wearing a yellow armband.
Here is his statement.


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