Friday, August 20, 2004

Today's IE Saeed Naqvi. What can I say about this man? He is India's finest reporter and without doubt is the world's finest international reporter today. He's travelled round the world a 1000 times, met two Popes, over a 100 heads of state, Presidents, PMs, Sheikhs, prelates, acharyas, bhikkus, the Dalai Lama, generals, admirals, marshals, tin-pot dictators, lotawalas, jholawalas, carpet baggers and who else have you. His reports are often the only true ones ever filed. A few years ago in Sierra Leone, the Indian and Brit peacekeepers were surroneded by a huge group of rebels. A few years Op Khukri happened and the troops were rescued by a brilliant armed action. The "international press" as is their wont reported a "briiliant action" by the "elite" SAS or some such thing. Naqvi happened to be at hand right there having ridden with the Indian contingent that broke thru the rebel lines and filed the only true report on the action. The Brits had provided pretty little by way of either brawn or brain. It was an Indian show all along.

Today's article by Naqvi is about upward mobility in India and how this is reflected in its cricketers. He says that Kaif, Zaheer and Irfan are the only team members who are not articulate and well educated. I am not so sure Saeed saab. Kaif has played for the counties in England and Irfan is the smartest cricketer around these days. There was a time when Abid Ali and MAK Pat were the true princes of cricket, while GR Vishy, Chandra, etc were the partially schooled galli cricket types. Those days are long gone.

A disappointing story on the Golden Quadrilateral. Gen BC Khanduri was doing a great job with the project, and got re-elected in May 2004. The usual problems - land acquisition and probably there will be more meddling by TR Baalu. Why can't we have an exit here and an exit there? How about not having Hindi inside TN? The DMK and CPI-M together? OK let's hope for the best.


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