Sunday, August 29, 2004

UPA's first 100 days

TCA Srinvasa Raghavan has this take on the UPA's pro(re)gress in its 1st 100 days. Hard to disagree. We seem to be back to the days of tokenism best typified by the Nehruvian embrace of medicrity embellished with large doses of style, platitude, puffery and pomposity. With one shadow PM - who talks of her "inner voice" - remember what Ambedkar used to say of Gandhi's "inner voice"? - an upright scholar PM who is too nice to be tough - a capable rail mantri who if he desires can achieve much but has decided to spend his lifetime as a public entertainer, a senile external affairs minister, who's best accomplishment is that of being the Nehru khaandan's sincerest court jester, an Oxford commie now wallowing in oil, a finance minister who for the second time has inherited an 8% pa GDP and is doing his best to return it to a sedate 4% pa as he did six years before. I will stop there. That's enough woe for a day.


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