Saturday, September 04, 2004

Another one who doesn't get it

The Telegraph is unputdownable (a word coined by MJ Akbar) for a number of reasons. One of them has to do with the shoddy quality of some of its writers. Nivedita Menon a "professor of Political Science" in Delhi University is one of its worst. In this article she starts talking about Chandra Bhan's book - compilation of his articles of the last few years. She starts there. The rest of the article is about Nivedita's views on this and Nivedita's wisdom about that. What does the book contain? We are not any wiser at the end of it. Telegraph could have invited Chandra Bhan to write about his book or got somebody to review it. Why did it have to call a 2-bit hack who hasn't grown out of her "when I went to Shimla last summer" composition days? Nivedita does inform us a little. We learn that she is "anti-capitalist" - wonder what she is doing about it? And she expresses surprise at Chandra Bhan's proposed Dalit-Brahmin alliance and his dismissal of Kancha Illiah's Dalit-Bahujan proposed alliance. Kancha of course is that charlatan who makes an appearance at every hack meet. Chandra Bhan has no time for wannabe Dalit defenders considering Kancha is running the "Dalit flag" only because he it affords him a foot in the door given his mediocre and below par intellectual accomplishments. Kancha is certainly not in the same league as Drs. Radhakrishnan and Pandian of MIDS (not unless you are willing to suspend all rational evaluation).

But Nivedita wouldn't know all this would she. Because Chandra Bhan works with The Pioneer, New Delhi - and is the only Dalit journalist to be employed as an editor in any capacity by an English newspaper.


Blogger media mongol said...

What a sad, sad response to Menon's piece.
Even though you claim to be concerned about the state of indian journalism, you resort to an ad hominen attack, choosing to ridicule the author rather than engage with her ideas.
In addition, I guess you thought people wouldn't read the actual review, and find that your comments are full of exaggerations and misrepresentations.
Truly, another one who doesn't get it.

February 26, 2005 at 11:50 AM  
Blogger pennathur said...

Saami's Ammi is so sad, that the person forgot to leave behind their email ID. If a debate is sought how about providing a link to your log rather than doing a shoot and scoot? I hope Saami's Ammi understands what Ad Hominem means before bristling with anger. In case Saami's Ammi is still aglow how about reading Chandra Bhan's discussion with S.Anand (another peabrain). The "Dalit-Brahmin alliance" or understanding is a reality. You don't seem to have been Kumbakonam or Tiruchi?

February 27, 2005 at 6:03 AM  

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