Saturday, September 04, 2004

Here and there

Ashok Mitra a communist crank and crackpot never fails to amuse. This man's views were so far off the line that his own party the CPI(M) was constrained to throw his out of the government. Here is gassing away as usual. In what surely marks him out as a race-baiter, ignoramus, liar, fool and what have you he alleges that the US Olympic team owes its spectacular performance in the 2004 Olympics - as usual - to the performance of black atheltes - who unfortunately (according to him) continue to receive the short end of the stick. I don't know what planet this man lives on (or maybe he has already been committed?) The days when Jesse Owens labored in obscurity after his historic triumph at Berlin 1936 are long gone. The black salute at Mexico 1968 is far behind us. Surely Ashok Mitra did not miss out on those numerous US athletes black, white, brown, yellow etc (yes Anjana Bharadwaj) who joyously celebrated their medal victories draped in the Stars and Stripes? The idioy needs a reality check or maybe a lobotomy or lobal transplant would do?

Talking of China the man as usual waxes on about the great accomplishments and as always conveniently forgetting the Great Leap (Back)Forward, Let a 100 Flowers Bloom (Wither), The Cultural Revolution, each of which was accompanied by the extermination of millions and millions - about 30-60 million a record. The Chinese of course have no time for numbskulls like Mitra anymore. Ramadorai of TCS is an IT advisor to a Chinese provincial government and Suresh Krishna of TVS is busy setting up auto ancillary supply chains in the remote provinces of China. And yes China remembers those who have helped her in times of need. When Dr.Kotnis's family (Dr. Kotnis ki Amar Kahani by V. Shantaram) visited China a few years ago they were feted and treated like VIPs.


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