Friday, September 10, 2004

The real fundamentalists

A fine piece once again from Swapan. Dr.Singh's credentials are beyond reproach. He is a socialist of sorts having been influenced by the Fabians. Back home he surely must have imbibed the deeply uncompromising welfarist ideals of ourt own socialists, JP, Achyut Patwardhan, Lohia and many others. These socialists to a person had nothing but contempt for the commies aka Lal Langotis. During the Quit India movement the socialists went underground while the commies functioned as stooges and informers of the colonial administration. while many Congressmen being non-violent types were treated with some softness, the socialists being more active types suffered badly. The socialists never forgave the commies for their betrayal. JP himself was no fawning admirer of Stalin and Mao unlike some of the deranged "peoples' leaders" of the commies cheered and applauded while 10s of millions perished and were put to death in "workers' paradises". HKS Surjeet that comedian after a visit to Romania a few months before the fall of Ceausescu returned singing the praises of the socialist paradise of Europe. This when the dictator on his last legs was still forciblyrelocating entire villages.
Dr.Man Mohan Singh is not some cheapjack like Irfan Habib who churns out ideology dressed up as history. This is a courageous man who despite some hardened beliefs dared to change India for the better. The words of a true intellectual like Dr.Singh are worth listening to any day over the protestations of a commissar like Irfan Habib. Shame on The Hindu (what's new?) for ducking the issue entirely.


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