Sunday, September 05, 2004

Thanks Telegraph

This Weblog is fast becoming a washing board for The Telegraph. V.v. interesting article on the September 1 tamasha organised by the Bham Phront of Waste Bengal. From earlier reports it seems that this "peoples' rally" was not entirely trouble as usual for the people. Good work by Buddha-da. He seems to be able to keep the CPI-M thugs at bay quite effectively. His predecessor that mimic Marx and thugmeister was well known for his carefully honed expertise at managing goon squads, all acquired thru his days as a "labor lawyer" and then "labor leader". Respectable people do very often rely upon goons to enforce authority in political parties. The history of this sorry process in WB is waiting to be written. In 1989 when a bandh was organised to protest against the "anti people policies" of the government (of Rajiv Gandhi), some public sector firms thought of hosting their employees at work overnight to save them the trouble of walking miles and miles from home the next day (this was on August 31st). That night CPI(M) goons systematically fanned across Dalhousie Square walked up into offices and thrashed 100s of people. The Telegraph of course reported it. The Hindu that sanctimonious rag never heard of it!


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