Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Vijai Bhava! Vijayasimha!


Vijai Singh has made it to the No.1 slot. Congrats! How far the UP/Bihar Bhaiyya has come. Shipped to the PAcific, Indian Ocean, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean to work as indentured labor, the community has put its past aside and risen to make the best of what it has. I know little about Vijai's family or his early days. But this seems to be a story of pure grit. Making it to the No.1 slot without the many advantages Americans, Europeans, South Africans enjoy - talent farming, sports scholarships (Stanford), the value of their currency, the superior training system, the remunerative nature of sport etc., is outstanding. Vijai thanks for remebering your roots in India. But also remember what President Kalam told NRIs earlier this year. You are welcome to visit India always but your first loyalties must lie with the country whose passport you carry.

Now I hope the press will not rake Vijai once more over the coals for his views on mixed golf championships, while they keep silent over "no-women allowed" golf courses.


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